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IDG Daily News (2014-02-20)

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Facebook buying WhatsApp for $16 billion
Facebook has agreed to buy mobile messaging app WhatsApp for US$16 billion in cash and stock, the social network said Wednesday.
IDG News Service\San Francisco Bureau

OnLive founder promises perfect wireless service in crowds
Normally, phones and tablets suffocate in large crowds, as their close proximity causes their data streams to become lost. A new startup, called Artemis, promises to eliminate that problem by actually using wireless interference to its advantage.
PC World (US) (i)

Demand for Linux skills rises
Demand for people with Linux skills is increasing, a trend that appears to follow a shift in server sales.
Computerworld (US)

Intel's new Xeon server chip pushes Itanium closer to end
The end-of-life writing is on the wall for Intel's high-end Itanium chip, with the launch this week of the high-performance usurper, the chip maker's 15-core Xeon E7 v2 chip.
IDG News Service\New York Bureau

Report: Malware-infected Android apps spike in the Google Play store
The number of mobile apps infected with malware in Google's Play store nearly quadrupled between 2011 and 2013, a security group has reported.
IDG News Service\San Francisco Bureau (i)

China probing allegations that Qualcomm overcharged local clients
A Chinese anti-monopoly investigation into Qualcomm is examining whether the U.S. company has been abusing its market position and overcharging clients, the nation's regulators said.
IDG News Service\Beijing Bureau

First Ubuntu phones to launch in 2014
The first smartphones based on a mobile version of Canonical's Ubuntu Linux operating system will be launched this year, the company's CEO said Wednesday.
IDG News Service\San Francisco Bureau

FCC will establish new net neutrality rules in light of court decision
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will not seek further judicial review of a January court ruling that struck down the agency's net neutrality regulations, but it does plan to issue a new set of rules covering ISPs.
IDG News Service\Boston Bureau

Alcatel-Lucent works with Red Hat to virtualize mobile networks
Alcatel-Lucent is betting big on operators wanting to virtualize their mobile networks using NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) technology, in order to become more nimble and less reliant on proprietary hardware.
IDG News Service\London Bureau

Informatica promises speedier report development
Informatica hopes to save business analysts time by allowing them to build their own queries and reports, without requiring the IT department to do all the assembly work.
IDG News Service\New York Bureau (i)

Google Fiber 'contest' opens up to 34 more cities, including San Francisco Bay Area
The Google Fiber race is on again.
PC World (US)

Steam's Linux game count explodes in one year, big publishers still absent
Since Valve released the first stable version of Steam for Linux a year ago, the number of Linux-supported games has grown more than fivefold.
PC World (US)

Doom 4 beta access included with Wolfenstein pre-orders
When John Carmack left id Software last November, parent company Bethesda was quick to reassure us the studio was still actively developing games.
PC World (US)

News Analysis: What if Microsoft threw an iPad Office party, and no one came?
Microsoft will make a killing when it launches Office apps for Apple's iPad and tablets powered by Android. Or will it?
Computerworld (US)

Intel lays down case for software focus
For decades, Intel chips would be unboxed and put straight into computers. But the chip maker is now trying to tie software closer to hardware before it starts producing chips, said CEO Brian Krzanich on Wednesday.
IDG News Service\New York Bureau

Republicans protest FCC's net neutrality move, ISPs less concerned
Some Republican policymakers objected to a new U.S. Federal Communications Commission plan to reinstate its net neutrality rules after a court threw them out, but broadband providers appeared to be less concerned.
IDG News Service\Washington Bureau

Google eyes 34 cities for next step in gigabit fiber expansion
Google has chosen 34 cities across the U.S. as the next sites for possible expansion of its gigabit-speed Fiber Internet service.
IDG News Service\San Francisco Bureau

Tip of the Hat: What would unlikely merger bring to Tesla, Apple
Computerworld offers a Tip of the Hat to Richard Read of The Christian Science Monitor for a look at The Tesla-Apple rumors and what such an unlikely deal could mean for Apple's developers and users, and what it could bring to Tesla.
Computerworld (US)

Next-gen LTE and virtualization vie for attention in Barcelona
Faster and more flexible mobile networks enabled by small cells, virtualization and next-generation LTE are expected to highlight infrastructure trends at Mobile World Congress next week.
IDG News Service\London Bureau

Windows Phone 8.1's long-awaited notification center caught on video
For all the talk about Windows Phone's "app gap" and that big YouTube boondoggle, only one thing has kept me from recommending Microkia's surprisingly slick phones to friends and family on the hunt for a new handset: Windows Phone's complete lack of a notifications center. Yes, Live Tiles somewhat accomplish the same thing, but it's just not the same as having all your notifications and common systems settings collated into one easy-to-see location.
PC World (US) (i)

FCC won't challenge net neutrality's death, plans resurrection instead
Net neutrality is no more, but that doesn't mean it's dead.
PC World (US)

Tizen, not Android, to run Samsung's next Gear smartwatch
Samsung on Monday will unveil its second-generation Galaxy Gear smartwatch, this one running the open source Tizen operating system, not the Android software that runs the first-generation model, according to reports.
Computerworld (US)

Fujitsu glove uses NFC, sensors to speed hands-free work
Fujitsu Laboratories has developed wearable technology in the form of a glove and a head-mounted display that could help speed up maintenance work and other applications where NFC tags are widely used.
IDG News Service\Tokyo Bureau (i)

KPN strikes deal with Silent Circle to offer encrypted phone calls
Dutch telecom operator KPN has struck a deal with encrypted communications provider Silent Circle to start offering its Dutch, German and Belgian customers encrypted phone calls and text messages.
IDG News Service\Amsterdam Bureau

Nokia's Treasure Tag helps you find lost items
Nokia has unveiled its Treasure Tag device, which can help people use their smartphones to find valuables like keys or a bag by putting a tag on them.
IDG News Service\London Bureau (i)

App uses 'augmented reality' to point way to Japan's elusive free Wi-Fi
Telecom carrier NTT and navigation service developer Navitime Japan are trying to make free Wi-Fi in Japan easier to find with an app featuring augmented reality (AR) guidance.
IDG News Service\Tokyo Bureau (i)

Oracle merging its marketing software into a tighter-knit suite
After spending billions to acquire a series of marketing-related software companies, Oracle is now undergoing the process of creating a unified suite it can take to battle against competing offerings from the likes of Salesforce.com and Microsoft.
IDG News Service\Boston Bureau

How to build the perfect smartwatch
With 2014 shaping up to be the year of wearable computing, vendors are releasing new smartwatches at a rapid clip| (http://www.computerworld.com/slideshow/detail/135328). In a way, we've been a long time getting here. It was in 1946 that the world saw the first smartwatch, |Dick Tracy's 2-Way Wrist Radio. The comic-strip detective used his smartwatch as a mobile phone -- voice only -- until 1964, when it was upgraded to a 2-Way Wrist TV.
Computerworld (US)

Asus, Linksys router exploits tell us home networking is the vulnerability story of 2014
If you're using network-attached storage, video surveillance equipment, or remote router management software, beware of dodgy firmware--it's become ground zero for hacker exploits, as recent debacles with Asus and Linksys routers emphatically illustrate. The message is clear: In 2014, vulnerable routers, NAS boxes, and other connected devices are leaving our home networks wide open to attack.
PC World (US) (i)

Microsoft kills SkyDrive, launches OneDrive
Three weeks after announcing OneDrive as the new label for SkyDrive, Microsoft today activated the renamed storage service, and offered some new incentives that give customers more space.
Computerworld (US)

Socialbakers gobbles up $26m in latest funding round led by leading London VC
Socialbakers, a social media analytics company from the Czech Republic that tracks online conversations, has raised $26 million (£15 million) in a move that values the business at close to $200 million.

Healthcare dominates US data breach incidents, latest figures show
The healthcare sector accounted for more than four out of ten US customer data breaches recorded by the non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) in 2013, the organisation's latest figures show.

Fresh batch of security start-ups aim to safeguard mobile devices, SaaS apps
Security start-ups continue to blast out of stealth mode, and among the ones seen this week, the focus is on mobile security as well as cloud-based monitoring and threat detection of software-as-a-service applications such as Salesforce and Box.
Network World (US)

Berlin start-up ZenMate attracts 1m users to its Google Chrome VPN plugin
ZenMate, a VPN plugin for Google Chrome, today announced that it has accumulated one million registered users just six months after launching.

Barclays heads to New York to find fintech start-ups for London accelerator
Barclays has turned to New York in a bid to find the best financial technology start-ups to enrol in its London-based accelerator programme.

Open-Xchange adds cloud storage to its app suite
Collaboration software vendor Open-Xchange added cloud storage to its offerings to allow users to sync files, folders, documents and pictures.
IDG News Service\Amsterdam Bureau (i)

FinancialForce.com repositions itself as the latest cloud ERP player
Salesforce.com-backed FinancialForce.com is taking a leap into the burgeoning market for cloud-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, offering a suite that combines its core finance software with modules for human resources, supply chain management, procurement and other areas.
IDG News Service\Boston Bureau

Microsoft makes OneDrive transition official, gives away free storage
In January, Microsoft made it official: the company rebranded its SkyDrive cloud storage service to OneDrive. On Wednesday, Microsoft threw a ball for the OneDrive debutante, offering free storage as party favors to its guests.
PC World (US)

In win for US, New Zealand court upholds search warrants on Megaupload founder Dotcom
A court in New Zealand has ruled that warrants used to search the homes of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom and his colleague Bram van der Kolk were valid, but objected to the removal to the U.S. by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of copies of the electronic items seized.
IDG News Service\Bangalore Bureau

A kindly reminder from Google: Don't be a Glasshole
What's the etiquette for using Google Glass in public? The answers aren't always obvious, so Google has provided some tips.
IDG News Service\San Francisco Bureau (i)

Researcher claims two hacker gangs exploiting unpatched IE bug
Two different hacker groups are exploiting the same still-unpatched vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE) with almost-identical attack code, a security researcher said Tuesday.
Computerworld (US)

California fights drought with big data, cloud computing
California is facing its worst drought in more than 100 years and with no end in sight. Conserving water has never been more important, and the problem this poses may offer Silicon Valley a new opportunity.
Computerworld (US)

White House defers to FCC on further action on net neutrality
The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama said in response to a petition that it continues to back an open Internet, but declined to direct the U.S. Federal Communications Commission on how to go about preserving Internet neutrality, as it is an independent agency.
IDG News Service\Bangalore Bureau

Zeus malware-botnet variant spotted 'crawling' Salesforce.com
The Zeus Trojan, malware long known to steal banking credentials to siphon off victims' funds, has been spotted being put to yet another devious use: swiping business data from Salesforce.com.
Network World (US)

A10 Networks goes public with $100 million IPO
A10 Networks, the California-based manufacturer of application delivery controllers, filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday night for a $100 million initial public offering, capping an apparent resurgence in the company's fortunes ? and joining its rivals on the stock exchange.
Network World (US)

Valve responds to Steam browser spying allegations: It's for cheaters, not porn
Valve managing director Gabe Newell does not, it turns out, want to know what weird, horrifying things you do on the Internet when you're not playing games through the company's Steam service.
PC World (US) (i)

Windows UI designer explains why forcing Metro on all is great for power users
Windows 8's modern interface didn't go over so well out of the gate. While there was a lot to like among all the Live Tiles and touch friendliness, usability experts panned many of the operating system's design choices, and power users felt abandoned at the altar of the interface formerly known as Metro.
PC World (US) (i)

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